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Over The Hills by TheSapphireWolfFox

First thing that got me was the signature. It's very centrally placed; I would put it in one of the corners; something quite interestin...

Request: Royal couples by Beyond-TheBoundary

The composition on this is very nice; there's a definite 'mirror' effect going on here, balancing the three on the left and the three o...

the laggon by brokencreation

As usual your technique is excellent. I especially like your limited palette; focusing on blues and greys and black, almost pastels, wi...

Strider by brokencreation

*Fingercrick* Righto! Let's see... The only real point where I think a major change could be made would be the background. The problem ...


Tratsformation by Ziblink
Upload of :iconsk8eryena:'s comic here:… at fullsize because he could not comprehend how that was possible. Now you know Skate, now you know.

Also, I am stealing your pageviews.
Breeding by Ziblink
Something interesting I wanted to get a snapshot of. On the left is a gala apple (Gala being the breed of course.), yellow, pink and red dappled, large and as full of sugar as half a can of coke. In the middle we have a crab apple, the original apple humans breed for snacking upon. Much smaller, much more bitter and this variety isn't red at all. It's a sort of proto-Granny Smith (Again that being the breed. And possibly the person who invented them.) This is the type of apple we first bred for consumption. On the far right, a wild apple, as in one that has not had its genetic material tinkered with by humans, ever. It looks rather like a cherry, but you can see it bears scars on the skin that cherries do not. Missing is a sample of the older varieties of apples, from say the middle ages. These tend to be intermediate in size, golf ballish.

The wild apple is all core and largely seed. Birds eat it, often whole. That little inedible bit at the bottom is proper size for a fruit this tiny. It contains little sugar. Know what apples are related to? Roses. You can see it, looking at these fruit. And yet look, look at what we've done 'naturally'. If we used genetic engineering to make tomatoes the size of watermelons nobody would even look at them lest they get eye cancer. But we chop down modern apples as a natural, all-good for you snack not even thinking on how their sugar content has doubled in less than 50 years.

Our food is freakish, be it from a factory or grown in your garden. You can never escape how radically we've reshaped the world.
Easter cake by Ziblink
Easter cake
This is how you make a cake for someone whose birthday is soon after Easter, stuff it full of cheap post-Easter chocolates. Just sticking this here because candy.
Pipkin by Ziblink
As a challenge to myself and at the prodding of a certain someone who shall remain unnamed I decided to color an old Amarimasi sketch. This one of Pipkin from Watership Down (The cartoon series). Then upload it here because why not?

Entirely in MSPaint (With OptiPNG to compress filesize.) Not the new paint either, the Windows 95 one. Those of you with developed digital skills will be able to easily see the shortcuts, patch jobs and assorted trickery used to get this picture colored. But to the untrained eye this is almost presentable. And that's ok with me.

Amarimasi seems to now use the name Mizzyam The original can be found here:… (Warning, NSFW on page.)

So yeah, that is all. Go about your business now.
Record broken by Ziblink
Record broken
It would have been the record. The largest chocolate figurine every cast by bunny paws. The preparation took weeks. Coca butter from the Ivory Coast, fresh cream from the slopes of Switzerland, sugar cane from wherever it is they grow that stuff. They couldn't use the regular equipment to make it, they needed to commission a cement mixer to hold all that sweet, molten chocolate. Pouring took an hour, setting another. Refrigerating six.

Finally it was ready to be removed from the mold, stood up and taken to the town square to be officially confirmed. Everything was going well... until yellow sneezed.

Yep, I'm still here. Why it is all the easter bunny figurines sold in this country look like they've suffered a massive shock is beyond me, but I just had to do this. The official easter bunny hunt will be in two weeks' time.
That's the final grandparent laid to rest, so that will hopefully b a break in departures for another 20 years. This will take some time to work through (not emotionally, I was prepared for that, it was a long decline.) since she was that kind of unknown famous you get for doing a lot of stuff people don't see as that important. Specifically she did a lot of bible work, about 4'000 student's worth, so it seems more than a few people are going to miss her. There's also considerable legal mess.

Not that I'm on here much as it is, my employment has consumed all of my arting time. So it goes. Keep well everyone.
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Adirael Dean
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
New Zealand
Help! Help! I'm being held prisoner in the DA Server building! I managed to escape to write this message! Please call the police before they fiads fagb ad gb.,a b

Current Residence: Hamilton New Zealand
Favourite genre of music: Stuff that sounds good
Favourite photographer: Lindsay Verdt
Favourite style of art: Sketches
Operating System: Umm, XP? (Don't hit me!)
MP3 player of choice: Iriver
Shell of choice: Turtle
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Blinky Bill
Personal Quote: "I'mma kill you beyatch!"

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CanzetYote Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016
I did a story where Pipkin helps comfort Vervain:…

WARNING: Contains serious feels.
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DingoPatagonico Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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It's a zibble link, a zibble is (or was) a small fuzzy creature with large black eyes. Part of the Bogleech 'verse.
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I see, that is a very creative username Zib, yes indeed.


There, now I just did a big slobbery lick on this page now too ^^
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Zibby! What is up with the choices for a new flag?? Inspired by ISIS? Black and white? I need your expert editorial to know what to think!
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Basically these are the designs that the least people hate. The flag will not actually be changed because nobody likes change. (Or alternatively everyone wants change but they all disagree on what that change should be.)
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Thanks for the llama. Have one.
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