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Fortunately said dog did not fall into the fireplace.

A dog (name changed to protect the innocent) is currently receiving potassium bromide as a seizure treatment, but it's too mild. barbituates were called for. 'We'll go for the lower range of dosing' said the vet due to chihuahuadidty. Half a tablet twice a day, said tablets being tiny.

Too much it seems, for the dog is now a flour sack with legs, looking at all the pretty colors. A quarter tablet twice a day and we'll see.

In other news a friend of a friend stopped by (to tell me a number of totally legit and not at all urban legend stories!) and he hails from India. (Where you ask? India I reply, it's all one country isn't it?) Have you ever heard that racist story about how the government tried to help natives\aborigines\immigrants\blacks by building them homes and it turns out they burn their furniture and houses for cooking fires then leave? It's not heard much nowadays but was common knowledge once. One of those 'There's just no helping some people, let's kill 'em' tales white people were fond of.

(Hmmm, wanted to write 'of' wrote 'over' wanted to write 'write' wrote 'right' Maybe I should handle those pills with gloves like the box says...)

Now my FOAF was perplexed, interested and amazed by our fireplace. (It's actually more of a firebox, but stop nitpicking you. Do I go and whine on YOUR journals? Ok I do shutup!) You see over in India it's quite warm, if you have a house why would you need to light a fire in it to warm it? And if you have a fire it's usually for cooking and these are being replaced by 'ovens' (I hear people over there are so underprivileged they have to cook their own food!) So the idea of lighting a fire in a box in your own house for the sole purpose of warming up the entire of said house was incredibly alien to him. How did you stop it burning everything? (Asbestos panels.) did you put it out when you slept? (No, you sleep in the same house as a roaring fire.) and so on.

It was quite interesting to be made aware of another perspective like this; I doubt anyone (that is English speaking rich peoples.) questions fireplaces, we've had like centuries to get them right. Yet there are whole countries of people who probably think the very idea is crazy. (I mean, we have power, why are we not using electric heaters?)
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Adirael Dean
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Help! Help! I'm being held prisoner in the DA Server building! I managed to escape to write this message! Please call the police before they fiads fagb ad gb.,a b

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Personal Quote: "I'mma kill you beyatch!"

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